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We are creators first and foremost and we love to collaborate with all of our clients. Visual Tools is comprised of Austin based filmmakers and we can help you take your video project from concept to delivery.  We take the process of filmmaking very seriously and we place equal emphasis on all phases of production. Take a look at our work and give us a call! We are ready to bring your vision to life.

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Like any good visual media company, Visual Tools consists of visionaries, content creators, production teams, and editing experts.  We're proud to say that at Visual Tools, we provide all of these things at an affordable rate while ensuring to see the entire project through from start to finish.  Visual Tools has created production-quality film all over the United States of America.  Take a look at our reel!

“Outdoor Troubadours” National TV Series, (two seasons, over 7 million viewers)
Advertising Clients:
Sprite (TV Spot, Nigeria), Caldwell Shooting Supplies (TV Spot), Bog Pod (TV Spot) Facebook (Social), Gibraltar (Tradeshow), Archer’s Challenge (Social)

our process to filmmaking

Pre-Production.  This is where the vision takes shape and the most important step.  Storyboarding, script writing, casting, locations, insurance, and budgeting. Forming a solid plan A, B, & C is necessary to ensure that the project gets done timely and on budget.

Principle Photography.  Time to make it happen!  The cameras roll and the cast and crew work together to execute a well planned vision. This is truly the most fun part of the process and why we love what we do at Visual Tools!

Post-Production. Once the shoot is in the can the detail work begins behind the scenes where the story is pieced together and each shot is brought to life.  Our editing team are among some of the bests in the area at their crafts, which is why we are able to provide our clients with such incredible film productions.

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