Creative Services

Visual Tools is excited to offer creative visual media to individuals and businesses of many kinds.  Invite your customers and clients into your office or storefront like never before! By providing services like Matterport 3D Walkthroughs, short-video productions, an assortment of photography, and brand strategy services, Visual Tools is poised to bring you the creative solutions that will take your marketing efforts to the next level!  To schedule a consultation, use the widget in the bottom right-hand corner.

Matterport 3d for business

Matterport 3D Tours are a true multi-purpose tool, proven to be extremely valuable across many different industries and business types. Perhaps you would like to showcase a storefront on Google Street View.  Maybe you own a concert venue and want to use 3D to prospect online for tenants.  The possibilities are virtually endless. These 3D models can be viewed on any device including a VR headset, mobile device, computer, and tablet.  This content can also be used to generate 2D still photos, video, GIFs, while also providing full data tracking on the back-end.

graphics & animation

At Visual Tools, our talented graphics team is always ready to provide a large variety of services.  Services include custom graphics/logo design, animation, illustrations, quick-explainer videos, video motion graphics, and many more.  Take a look at our reel and use the scheduling widget in the bottom right-hand corner to set up a graphics consultation with our talented team! Or give us a call to discuss the full range of our products and services.

Timelapse (Short & Long Term)

Let the world transform right in front of our lenses! Timelapse photography is an incredible and versatile tool that can be used for long or short periods of time. Whether you need to shoot over the course of an hour or for an entire year, Visual Tools has the equipment to capture amazing timelapse videos that look great on custom webpages, marketing material, and more.  Please use the scheduling app in the bottom righthand corner to screen to book timelapse photography with Visual Tools!

more creative services

Non-Real Estate Aerial Photography.  Drones have presented new capabilities to individuals and businesses of many kinds.  Whether you're looking to showcase an event through the air, take comprehensive photos of a commercial job site, or just need raw footage, Visual Tools has the services and equipment you need.

Google Street View Tours.  Thanks to a recent partnership between Matterport 3D and Google Street View, we are now capable of uploading 3D tours of a business or storefront to Google Street View's interface.  This provides the opportunity to showcase products and venues to online customers.

Construction & Remodel. Visual Tools uses multiple types of media equipment to partner with members of the construction and remodeling industries.  Whether it be progress updates or before and after shots, the versatility of Visual Tools' services can most likely get the job done! Give us a call to learn more!

Austin real estate photography by Visual Tools

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